Arnon Dror Twitter | How to Maintain your Brand Identity

Creating your own brand identity is quite difficult when you don’t know where and how to start. It is important that you know a few things to consider before starting to get your feet wet in the water where sharks are around ready to bite you.

A lot of people thinks that having a brand identity is just simply by having those colorful brand hues, beautiful and cool graphics, catchy posts that lures a lot of traffic to your site – but no, brand identity is the soul of your business. Take it, for example, your business is your body – and branding is your soul. It represents your entire intention in the business. The answer to your inner ‘why’.

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Arnon Dror (biography), as past VP of Finance at US Channel Group’s Xerox Technology Business, shows a great contribution when it comes to re-branding and creating brand identity. He has been known in the industry as the man who manages these businesses and improve their income and performance. Arnon Dror’s LinkedIn shows his dedication to the business and how he moved mountains by the way he works with his previous companies, saving them in each possible bankruptcy.

There are important things according to him, that is needed to keep in mind when you are trying to find your inner brand or if you are re-branding your company into something that you want people to see you.

1. Your logo, colors, design and the identity of your product should represent you.

Think of something that solely represents you.

A color: is it pink? orange? red? blue? lavender? What makes you think it represents you?

A logo: should it be minimalist? Should it just your name with a simple logo that shows how simple you are as a person? Or you want something that symbolizes your inner personality – like perhaps a pencil where the letters of your name carved in it?

A design: do you like vector graphics for design to represent that you are an artist? or perhaps a hint of abstract meaning because you are mysterious?

Arnon Dror states you need to be sure how you want others to see or feel about your business. Remember that once you launch it, they need to feel the connection that you have on it – and this way, people will see your business a reflection of yourself.

2. Specify who is your target.

Are you a blogger who wants to inform the people about the latest development in technology? Applications? Gadgets? Who would be your target audience? Would it be the oldies or the young adults?

Are you a home-schooling parent who wants to give a support system to those who want to home-school but don’t know how and where to start?

Whoever you are and whatever your business is, Arnon Dror says you need to define who is your target audience or market. It’s not narrowing down the possibility of getting traffic but it is narrowing down the confusion and hassle that it brings to your audience and you as the business owner.

3. Create copies that convert – whether it is on sales or blog traffic.

We might enjoy creating graphics and are too fond of getting the perfect color for our brand identity but still, content is king. Without a content that kills and convert, your amazing graphics is nothing but waste. Keep it short, simple and straight to the point. Give your audience what they are looking for. Forget about the mushy part and lead them to the solution, according to Arnon Dror.