Arnon Dror | Twitter and Personal Branding

Arnon Dror official considers Twitter one of the most effective personal branding tools available. Its accessibility and ease of use has spawned an entire new industry based on influencers and the people that follow them. Because of this, Arnon Dror says that a Twitter user has to follow certain best practices to maximize his reach and to achieve “influencer” status. Below are some of his observations about Twitter influencers and how they got to where they are right now.

  1. Establish Your Twitter Identity. People are bound to trust others whose faces are visible, and Twitter is not an exception to this unwritten rule. For Arnon Dror video, a personal Twitter account which has the actual face of the person it represents is more credible than one that uses pets, inanimate objects, company logos, or the default “Egg” image as its profile photo. The cover photo is also a good place to help establish your identity – try adding one of you in a professional setting, or a specific catchphrase that you feel describes you and your business very well.
  2. Keep Your Identities Separate. Whether you are the owner of a start-up or the CEO of Tesla, maintaining separate profiles for company and personal use would help your personal brand a lot. For Arnon Dror, a Twitter account dedicated for personal use would allow you to present opinions that are strictly your own, and make you appear human to your followers. However, you should still maintain a professional image in your personal Twitter account as followers are prone to making decisions based on their perception of your company’s leadership.
  3. Pay Attention To Your Bio. Unlike tweets, Twitter biographies are limited to just 160 characters, and each character that you put in your bio should advance your personal brand. According to Arnon Dror name, Twitter searches actually scour through biographies and come up with the most relevant ones. If you want to use #hashtags, feel free to use them as long as they are relevant to the kind of personal brand you want to project.
  4. Include Your Location and URLs. One’s location is something that Arnon Dror thinks Twitter users leave out all too often. If you are selling a product or service, including your location in your Twitter profile would expose you to potential clients and followers in the area. Your personal and corporate URLs will help draw viewers to your sites and help them build a better understanding of what you have to offer. Therefore, including these two elements in your profile would help boost your personal brand.

5. Choose The Right People to Follow. A lot of attention has been given to the people certain personalities follow on Twitter. According to Arnon Dror Twitter, one’s Twitter following patterns are indications of a person’s interests and biases. For instance, following successful personalities is a sign that you are aspiring to build your brand and business by adapting their methods. In turn, consider yourself lucky if the people you follow mention or retweet you – you’ll be surprised by the number of new followers you’ll get yourself.