Arnon Dror International | Global Marketing Manager

Arnon Dror is one of those figures in the business industry whom most businessmen follow because of his wit and experience in business and finance. His experience and set of skills is something that all of them want to learn because they are seeing the results not overnight but as those previous companies, he worked for rose to fame from nothing.

Arnon Dror LinkedIn speaks for his contribution to the world as one of the most sought-after International Brand Manager. He also takes care of finances and is really fascinated with the latest development in technology making him more effective in terms of social media engagement that results to him being one of the reasons why businessmen are taking his advice if they are new in the industry.

However, the question is, what it really takes to be like Arnon Dror as a Global Marketing Manager? What are the qualifications to be called as one?

What is a Global Marketing Manager?

A Global Marketing Manager is the one who is accountable for getting their businesses’ international market share and profits. They are required to set contentious and lucrative pricing plans for the firm. Image Source:

What are the major requirements to be one?

A global marketing manager should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration like Arnon Dror who graduated from Hebrew University with a master’s degree in Finance. If they have a background of internship at firms during their school years, this is also a big plus to be in this path.

What skills are required to continue?

Yes, you have graduated and finished a master’s degree in Finance but that doesn’t mean you can be instantly a global marketing manager. You should be creative, competitive, decisive, and above all, multi-lingual, hence the term ‘global’. You should be fluent in more than one language because it gives you the opportunity to gain foreign clients and establish a stronger foundation in terms of global competition.

Needs for global marketing managers are expected to increase as the need arises because industries are continuing to focus on global growth thus making more opportunities for them.

Aside from skills, what best traits should a brand manager typically possess?

One should have a definite understanding of brands and marketing strategies that need to be performed. What are the do’s and don’ts in the business and how can you help it grow.

A manager should be energetic and persistent. He should possess a never-ending passion when it comes to driving himself to results.

It is not all about himself but also his relationship with his co-workers. Building a tight relationship with his employees can make him a true leader globally.

This person should be results-driven. He should focus on how he can produce great results and what are the processes to get that positive output.

There should be a high level of understanding in business judgment. One must see both sides of the coin before deciding.

If you would like to see more blogs and insights from Arnon Dror regarding being a Global Marketing Manager and an effective businessman, you must check his Arnon Dror’s biography and profile. As a global marketing manager, you need to have your brand as well. Dig it deeper, and be amazed of what you can do.