Arnon Dror International Brand Management

Arnon Dror is one of the leading International Brand Manager that has a vast experience in finance and strategy planning, financial and business modeling, re-branding market, systems & technology, and supply chain optimization. He also believes that social media engagement is a gateway to success nowadays that traditional techniques like fliers and radio announcements are no longer effective.

Why is social media important?

It is a major task for social managers and advertisers to follow a distinct content for every program because providing the audience with the wrong content has pressing consequences that may result in the possible withdrawal of followers to your page. Losing your target audience because of wrong content lessen the chances of getting into your goal. However, Arnon Dror says these questions might pop up in your head: How can social media engagement help in your branding strategy? What are those social media platform that you can use to leverage your brand reputation?

Image Source: Branding Strategy Insider


Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social media platform in the world as of today. It has a whopping 1.55 billion active users from the last data check. People from all walks of life use it on a daily basis – be it on for business or for personal use.

If you are creating a content on this platform, getting the statistics on the area of your audience is a great way on how to start your marketing strategy. Understanding these bits of facts will give you a wide variety of ideas of what to write for the content and what else should be included in each presentation.

If you really want to get a consistent crowd on Facebook to follow your business, Arnon Dror says that you need to invest more in the quality of the content you are showing the target audience.

Here are 5 top things you need to be mindful of when starting:

1. Use photo posts to engage with people. People are getting hooked more on photos than on text-based posts. Make the photos look unique, catchy and based on your brand colors. It will establish a mark on your followers’ mind the next time they see those colors again and would immediately think it’s you.

2. Include questions on your posts. Those questions that start with the four W’s and how. Ask people which product would interest them? What do you they need? When is the last time they used something? Which is better? Who needs it? And tell them the answer how can they have it – by getting your product.

3. Include emoticons. Nowadays, people usually check a post with emoticons because it captures their attention and somehow tells them the feeling incorporated on the post.

4. Keep it short and simple. Don’t use too many words that they may not understand at once because people frequently have a short attention span and they won’t have a lot of time searching words on google for meaning.

5. Lastly, create catchy titles. People only click on something when the title sparks their interest. This is where you will lure the audience to go to your page and read more.

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