Arnon Dror | Social Media

Arnon Dror Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are some good example of social media platform that definitely helps the man leverage to success in his business – because he utilizes them very well and in accordance to how it should be used.

Arnon Dror says, that whether you are managing a local brand or an international label, you need to be mindful of what social media strategy you are going to use in order for you to work well in the future. It is also important that once you create a social media account for the business, someone will actually attend to it and will make it updated or active no matter what happens. Like what we mentioned in our previous posts, content is king. If the content is king, it should be maintained and well observed.

There are different platforms that are available to use to increase the social media presence of your business. You can check the platforms that follow:

1. Facebook

A good number of people are on Facebook. Almost 95% of the population uses Facebook even the grade schoolers and babies have their own personal account. Creating content, Arnon Dror says for business, in this place is never an issue. As long as you are putting the content that we think will benefit you and all of us.

2. Instagram

Do you think who is mostly on Instagram? The photographers? The travelers? But we are so sure that there’s a person that will be interested in your product or service especially if you use the correct hashtag and follow people with the same interests, you will likely end up meeting a deal with someone who might be interested investing in your business.

3. LinkedIn

Are you trying to find people of the same interest? Or perhaps have you met someone that can actually give you that dream job you have been dreading for 4 months.

4. Twitter

Since, Arnon Dror states, Twitter has limited maximum characters per posts, this can serve as a platform where you can make a quick announcement regarding your new product or service offer. By using relevant hashtags, Arnon Dror says that you can also create a follow list wherein people with the same interests in your brand will follow you and eventually contact you to test your product.