Arnon Dror Name | Biography

Arnon Dror, is also one of the most sought-after International Brand Manager in the Digital Marketing industry nowadays. Born in 1966, Dror started his path through this career when he finished BA, Economics and Business Administration (1988-1999) at Hebrew University. After this, he also studied M.A., in Micro Economics (1991-1993) and masters Finance both on the same years. Arnon Dror Creos Americas is not just one of those businessmen but also a sports enthusiast. He always keeps an eye on the newest development in gadgets and cars and is one big fan of Amazon. He is a huge supporter of the New England Patriots and the Boston Celtics. Not a single live or TV game has passed without him being on it.

Arnon Dror is an expert in the realm of finance and operations and has driven different organizations through business turnarounds and acquisitions. Previously, he has filled in as an official for organizations, for example, Scitex, Kodak and Xerox.

He is an expert in bookkeeping, treasury, FP&A, M&A, IT, supply chain and many more. He is associated with land ventures, cybersecurity, and the printing industry. He also dealt with Kodak Global Supply Chain for 6 years, conveying $120 million stretches with different organizations that led to transactions and executions that worked for the welfare of those organizations.

Arnon Dror Creos Americas is an efficient and emphatic kind of manager with the expertise to supervise multi-functional teams and deliver higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and operational success. He does not only work with a domestic or private organization but also with global groups from small to large associations in delivering notable developments in the areas of customer satisfaction, and finance. These experiences in the field results to him becoming a trusted advisor of numerous companies because of his strong leadership and powerful management experience.