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Arnon Dror OfficialArnon Dror, is an international brand manager that focuses on results-driven goals and has a high-level of capacity in rebranding companies or other individuals.

In this article, you will see the main difference of global brand management and local brand management and the points you need to remember when trying to brand whichever.

What is global brand management?

Global brand management means the administrator is using organizational structures, methods, and practices to allot brand-building sources internationally or globally to create global connection and develop a global (which is broader) strategy that increases the tendency of other countries noticing your brand.

What is local brand management?

When someone says that it is a local brand, it means that a certain product, service or business is distributed and promoted in a comparably small area. It could be a regional brand that focuses on specific areas in a particular region only and might not include other places or other set or group of consumers. Arnon Dror says they could be restricted or the said product or services are not within the age group that is permitted to access the brand.

What are the main differences between the two?

Local and global brand management both requires an effort to work. Whether you are a global brand manager or a local brand manager, you need to do the same. The only difference, to Arnon Dror, is the intensity and scope of the brand.

Still, branding means creating an original identity for your product or service. In branding, you should capture not just the identity of the thing that you offer but also of yourself as the business owner. It should include something that represents yourself – something that is unique in you and with your service – something that people will remember about your brand.